Exhibitions :

- SOLO exhibition 26 01 - 24 02 204 (Studio23)
-‘CARBO’, Group exhibtion, Studio23, Ghent, BE
-‘Art on Paper’, Group exhibition (Studio23), Gare Maritime, Brussels, BE
- Vitrine d' amour : 05 - 18 / 02 2023
- Introduction Studio 23 : 13 -15 / 01 2023
- Ronse Drawing Prize : 03 / 12 - 15 / 01 2023
- SMAK : the plint : 15 min
- Belgian Art & Design Fair : 07 /10 - 10 2021
-Prelude : 03 /04 - 23 / 05 2021
- Ronse Drawing Prize : 13  - 15 / 01 2018

Publications :


Guillaume Van Moerkercke

Guillaume is a visual artist and interior designer. In his creative work, he conveys what he sees in his daily life, in the street, in his dreams, using nothing but charcoal. Starting from a sketch, Guillaume's work evolves into a dark dream-like suggestion of his imagination.Taking in his work from a distance, one would identify it as completely blackened. Upon closer observation, it becomes clear how deep his work really goes. Slowly, the outlines start to reveal themselves to the human eye, much in comparison to entering a dark space, where the eyes need time to adjust to the darkness.

For Guillaume, our memories don't last forever. They exist for as long as we imagine or talk about them. Despite all this, one day, they will fade into complete darkness. They appear and disappear, depending on how we look at them. Every drawing goes beyond a visual interpretation of Guillaume's surroundings. It's a translation of the process of remembering and forgetting, in the hope of never ending up with a completely dark surface.

The use of charcoal on panel makes Guillaume's work very tangible and gives a profound depth to the final result. Starting from strong and clear outlines, he then uses his fingers and hands as brushes to intervene into evening out the blacks, so the nuances become less obvious. The shades that remain gain intensity and become more and more important. The imagery evolves, much similar to the reality behind it, until it dissolves into an almost monochrome void.